What's a Social Enterprise?

We have a lot of exciting development work in the pipeline which will massively improve the customer's experience of getting their food from local food distributors, and we're excited about providing a pricing model to enable food distributors to access enterprise quality software for a fraction of the price they normally might, let alone build it themselves.

We're not your regular Software company, we're a Social Enterprise working towards a human food system that supports the collective long term health of all living systems. 

We're proud to be putting our money where our mouth is, and set up Bucky Box with an innovative Social Enterprise legal structure which clearly outlines our intention for long-term sustainable impact, rather than short-term profit maximisation.

What makes this any different from traditional business with a philanthropy arm? Well, we've ingrained our mission and impact into our very product - by delivering our software to support local food distribution at a very affordable price, we're having our first set of impact - enabling the decentralisation of food distribution, regenerative agriculture methods, and improving access to health food. We're then able to put 67% of our profits back into projects & initiatives which will support a regenerative food system - we call this our double impact.

You can find out a little more behind the scenes at Bucky Box | The Mission, or get in touch on twitter.

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