Payments : Bank Deposit

Bucky Box can process customer payments by Bank Deposit. This is done by uploading your banking transactions (in CSV format) from your Internet Banking.

The process is simple.

  1. In the Payments screen upload your banking statement (downloaded from your Internet Banking).
  2. Bucky Box will intelligently match payments to your customers. You will be asked to confirm the matches before assigning them to customer accounts. They are colour coded as follows:
    1. Yellow means a possible match
    2. Green means a probable match
    3. Red means a collision with a previously imported transaction

The matching algorithm learns, so on the first pass you may notice more yellow "possible" matches than usual, but over time they will turn green as Bucky Box has some historic data to learn from.

Fixing Mistakes

If you inadvertently match a payment to the wrong customer account, fixing it is easy. Simply click on the transaction row, it will expand, and re-assign the transaction to the correct customer. Appropriate reversing transactions will be applied to each customer account to fix the problem.


In order use this functionality Bucky Box needs to be configured to accept the format exported by your Internet Banking. If this has not been setup, please send a sample export of your bank statement in CSV format to Bucky Box support, citing the bank name and we'll get it loaded for you.

Keywords: banking, payment, customer account, reconciliation

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